We are not brokers of any kind. LCL Dispatch is Truck Management and Dispatching Services.


It is FREE to set up with us. You only pay for the loads or services you use.

Our agreement is Non-Exclusive, so you can use us or anyone else you want.


Our agreement can be cancelled at anytime. There is no Minimum Term.


Low Flat Fee for our services - min $30 per load. Weekly and Monthly plans also available.


We have been in trucking for over 25 years and have been drivers, dispatchers, owners and managers so we know trucking and we know how hard it is on the road. We know how frustrating load boards and freight brokers can be, but we know how to deal with them, how to bargain and what the lanes should be paying. We can also shop around to see who has the best rate, making 5, 10 , 15 calls on a given load. You can't do that from your truck with an app.

We look for the best rates possible and YES, we can go direct to the shippers. You get paid directly by the customer; we don't touch your money. In turn, you pay us for our services. It’s that simple, and you make more money per load.


Our vision is to help as many truckers as possible make a good living, stay legal and stay in business; by doing that, we will grow in numbers and strength.


LCL Dispatch works for you and represents you. We do our best to keep you moving, to make good money and to keep you happy.


Give us a try. Again, it’s FREE to set up and there is No Force Dispatch of any kind. If you don’t like the load, you don’t have to take it. We will find something else.

LCL Dispatch, LLC
Lake Katrine, NY 12449

Phone: 888-410-1733

Email: billing@lcldispatch.com

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